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This basement. Here we could put links to photos from the video shoot. Think of them as Polaroids. Maybe even make them look like that.  This is where you can put a blurb or some paragraph from a scene in which a basement is. You can put anything you want. It’s up to you. Should be around a paragraph. Nice size. Maybe 75 – 100 words.

In the basement is where we could put sounds or a film strip full of photos. You could put whatever the hell you want. But keep it classy, Seattle. Keep it CLASSY. Well, a bit of grit never hurt anyone when you look at it that way. Remember that time Todd, you and I were playing D&D. Well, it was more like a month. Damn all the girls were pissed. Anyway, remember that carpet up on the second floor between all the bedrooms? We completely destroyed it with a huge waxen mess from all the “atmospheric” candles we used to burn. Like sedated idiots (from all the hash we had been consuming…… seems to me, that house was pretty much always full of hash smoke…. maybe it was a sign when we moved in and set off that smoke machine in the garage….), we just didn’t seem to really care about life after we left that address… Jeez we were idealistic back then.