“Since the early ’90s, the music scene in Simcoe and the surrounding area has grown to become a large community of musicians, artists, promoters, and venues.”

This book is a collection of poster art that advertised concerts in Simcoe County between 2008 and 2020. This colourful assortment showcases the talent of bands, musicians and clubs that helped to make the area a reputable tour stop for national and international bands. These flyers, posted in clubs, on telephone poles and walls, are a selection of personal favourties. 

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This is a great addition to any music lover’s book collection. Glance through the pages and relive memories of live music and bands that came through our area.

Some of the venues for the shows that appear here:

The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar, The Clarkson, Fitzy’s by The Bay, The Mansion Nightclub, Studio 50 West, The Roxx Nightclub, The DIY Arts Collective, Ivy Orange Hall, The Event Centre, The Bourbon, (Honorable mention: The Bovine Sex Club)

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Read a short interview I did for Barrie Uncovered where I discuss A Spectacle of Colour, the current state of live music, and memorable live shows I’ve seen at the Foxx Lounge. 

The Pictures Worth A Thousand Shows