Sean Alten


Volume One, A collection of gig posters by Fly Graphics.

From start to finish, this project required research into the self-publishing industry, the criteria required to register a publishing company, along with creating page layout, cover designs and templates.

three event posters

Initial pre-production for the project involved sorting through numerous images for a selection of posters I had created over the course of 10 years. Once a group was selected, I worked on creating a template for the body of the book, setting up page design and styles. At this time I was also gathering information on self-publishing and creating publishing companies and ISBN numbers. All of these points of information gathering helped create a clean and simple design in a small format.

The showcase of the book is the imagery contained. Each poster was for a musical performance at selected venues. To create each poster, I would research each featured band by listening to music and watching videos.

a spectacle of colour book jacket

During the early 2000s, central Ontario’s concert venues such as The Foxx Lounge and The Clarkson held weekly events that gave local bands a stage to perform. This book is a high-quality collection of flyers for concerts that took place in the years between 2008 and 2020 in and around the Simcoe area. These gig posters were put up all over the area to promote these concerts and helped to showcase the talent. 

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