Sean Alten


Pole and wayfinding signage for exclusive auto dealerships in the U.S. for BMW, Cadillac, Dodge, Jaguar, Land Rover, and others.

Utilizing large-format printers, these large-scale wayfinding signs were placed around a dealership denoting new arrivals and dealer specials. To design for each lot, there were strict branding guidelines that needed to be followed. With access to new models through supplied web portals, I could find vehicles, badges, identity guides and custom typefaces and create different styles according to a catalogue. I would design a few different styles depending on what type of signage the lot had. Using styles adopted from each manufacturer’s website and collateral, I would create on-brand graphics for each layout.

These signs were either direct-to-fabric flag material or aluminum-core panel with a large print applied. 

The signs below are constructed by applying a large vinyl print to an aluminum panel substrate that is then CNC cut to accent the vehicle’s profile. These are then attached to the poles in the lot, or to buildings or architecture, to advertise new year models or special features. 

The signs below are printed using the same techniques above, but they are affixed to the surrounding architecture as way signs and advertising specials.