Sean Alten


Editorial layouts for multiple brands and special projects.

When each layout starts, there is content, ads, and a layout ‘dummy’ that is supplied. These are usually Adobe InDesign templates. Each layout has strict brand guidelines depending on which publication the layout will be aligned with, or included in. Each market has colors, gutter and columns, and a baseline grid setup along with character and paragraph styles such as headings, body copy, pull quote, and bylines among others.


As a creative lead for the design and production of DVI Lighting’s 2023 fixture catalogue, I developed and presented style guides and page examples to senior staff and shareholders. After initial meetings and finalizing of templates, test layouts, and typographic hierarchy for a 500+ page lighting fixture catalogue, I led the design team to complete the multi-sectioned book that was utilized in B2B sales for international lighting outlets and stores. 

DVI Fixture Catalogue 2023
DVI Fixture Catalog Inside Pages

The 6-month project involved creating sections for specific areas of the home, such as ceilings, vanities, and flush mounts, as well as an index, table of contents, material and finish icons, and thumbnail pages.

  • Table of contents and Vanity section header layouts.

A style guide was created to ensure consistency and accuracy with brand colour, updated typographic hierarchy, table of contents, section divider layouts and photographic treatments. 


Project supplied as content files and general layout ideas as well as ad list and layout dummy. Picking up branding from previous issues and adjusting styles to fit new products and sales information, I completed the layout for handoff to press.

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