Sean Alten


The design and layout of vinyl record packaging for Southern Ontario rock bands AAWKS and Nova Doll. 

In the current music landscape, there has been a notable resurgence of interest in records, underscoring their value as a medium for releasing new music. This trend has prompted bands to recognize the immense potential in utilizing this cherished format. 

Throughout this resurgence, I have had the privilege of collaborating closely with bands and songwriters to craft captivating artwork for their physical releases, spanning the spectrum from 45″ singles to full-length albums. My role encompassed the creation of labels, inserts, and meticulously curated and designed cover and sleeve layouts.

In these collaborations, I engaged with artists to translate their musical vision into visual form. By adeptly combining photos and imagery provided by the bands, and with discussions on graphics that would authentically embody their musical essence. I employed my expertise to align their ideas with design principles, ensuring a matching representation. 

To orchestrate these creative journeys, I harnessed industry-standard templates sourced from trusted manufacturers, meticulously organizing crucial details for each layout. This encompassed elements such as track listings, lyrics, band photography, credits, song durations, publishing particulars, and any branding elements synonymous with their release label and affiliations.

12″Split Vinyl Single

The Eastern Scrolls 
AAWKS • Aiwass

Released August 23, 2023
on Black Throne Productions
Photos by Daria Bilyk
Layout by Sean Alten

12″ Full-Length Vinyl Record

Nova Doll 

Released September 29, 2023, on Black Throne Productions.
Design and Layout by Sean Alten