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Hello, I'm Sean Alten

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Versatile Graphic Designer with an extensive multi-disciplinary background producing a variety of collateral for print and digital landscapes.

Movie fanatic, crime podcast subscriber, coffee lover, hiker, amateur photojournalist, music collaborator, and typography enthusiast. 

With an ability to conceptualize and see the big picture, I have experience with dynamic workflows and cross-functionality in collaborative teams. I believe in the visual as a method for improving the connections between people and the products they use.


A few examples of some recent products that I have worked on, as well as some creative projects with added insight into my design process.


Experienced in creative visualization while balancing multiple projects and design facets.

I effectively produce high-quality assets, while meeting tight deadlines for print and web content. Excellent understanding of branding and guidelines, colour, typography and layout as well as photo manipulation, touch-up techniques & quality image research. 

Great design bridges the space between ideas and reality.

  • 2024

    2022 - 2024Led a team of designers and marketing staff to create multiple catalogs for a B2B lighting company, including two 500+ page of products. Created vinyl album art for 3 independent releases for international distribution.

  • 2018

    2018 - 2022 From an entry level ad builder to a senior editorial layout designer and print coordinator for a large national media corporation.

  • 2009

    2009 - 2014 Started building ads in national publications and progressed to ad coordinating, editorial layout and project managment.

  • 2004

    2004 - 2022 Created Fly Graphics to cater to arts and entertainment organizations for promotional material, merchandise, and packaging. Led in visual direction for album layout, posters, and website development and engaging in creative social media marketing.

  • 1998

    1998 - 2003 From a production assistant in a music and home electronics chain's art department, to a position as an international magazine's production manager and ad designer.


I create visual concepts to communicate information. From posters, brochures, and billboards to packaging, logos, and editorial layout to convey ideas to an audience. I am a versatile and flexible graphic designer.


I have developed websites in WordPress and Squarespace using knowledge of best practices, along with HTML and CSS code, to work with individual clients and their startups as well as existing small businesses and charities.


Typography, Branding, Gig Posters, T-Shirts, B-Movies, Album Layout, Banners, Motown, WordPress, Rock and Roll, Event Displays, Vector, Photoshop, Illustrator, Heavy Metal, Colour Swatch Libraries, Hipgnosis, Magazines, Rick Griffin, Vehicle Wraps, Star Wars, Making Music, Pencil & Paper, Punk Rock,  Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gothic, Swiss Design, Visual Hierarchy, Teaching, Store-Front Signs, The Beat Generation, New Wave, User Interface, Surrealism, Experimental Noise, Peter Saville, Large Format Printing, Britpop, Pixels, Stanley Mouse, Websites, HTML, John Peel, Saul Bass, Trivia, Research, Bass, Social Media, Pop Art, Theory, InDesign, Retro Soul, Godzilla, Andy Warhol, D.I.Y. and on and on…


As a creative, I am inspired by good design and the experience of the visual. I look at everything around me and appreciate all of it as inspiring me and igniting my creative spark. 



Multi-Disciplined Graphic Designer


Throughout my creative journey, I have actively engaged in team collaboration, showcasing my versatility and adaptability in various design realms. My expertise predominantly lies in print and editorial design, where I have skillfully crafted newspapers, magazines, sales collateral, and advertisements. This involved adhering to stringent and diverse brand guidelines, ensuring consistent standards across projects. The fast-paced nature of working under these criteria has honed my ability to swiftly shift focus and prioritize projects to meet tight deadlines.

In the digital landscape, my involvement extends to website development, UX/UI, digital marketing, and a multitude of tasks, including file sourcing, photo manipulation, retouching, photomontage, and digital illustration. My commitment to maintaining high standards persists in the digital realm, where I leverage my research and analysis skills to solve problems effectively. I find satisfaction in the intricacies of digital puzzles, showcasing my passion for innovative solutions in a collaborative team environment.


I am available for hire, project collaboration or freelance contract.

LOCATION: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

PHONE: (+705) 305 9202