Searching for inspiration in the visual world and seeing all the ways that it can be interpreted is captivating. I live to solve creative challenges and design experiences that will inspire action through empathy and bold ideas colours and ideas.

I have been actively involved in independent music for over 20 years and I have contributed my creative vision to an assortment of projects. I have worked with venues, promoters, agencies and bands, where I wore many hats: Production, Design, Event Coordination, Writer, Promoter, Performer and Research and Development. It is in that environment where I developed design, marketing and promotional skills that I have integrated into other business models including retail, corporate, and publishing.

We are becoming more and more connected to each other and the digital landscape is changing constantly in new and exciting ways. I am always searching out ideas, trends, techniques and insight for ways to improve experiences, understand cutting edge procedures and create engaging media in all forms.



  • Advertisements, Posters, Postcards, Mailers
  • Corporate Literature, Brochures & Sell Sheets
  • Branding and Brand Strategies, Logos & Corporate Identities
  • Website Development including HTML, CSS and Responsive Design
  • Entertainment Promotion & Marketing Strategies
  • Publication Design & Production (including books, magazines or brochures)
  • CD & Album Layout
  • Typographic and Photographic Manipulation
  • Band Merchandise
  • Social Media Integration & Direct Email Marketing
  • Art Direction & Production Management
  • Marketing, Design and Development Consultation

You can view some of my work here.